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Setting Up CorpPass

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

From 1 Sep 2018, CorpPass in the only login method for corporate transactions with Government. Sign up CorpPass at https://www.corppass.gov.sg now to prevent any disruption to your business transactions.

3 simple steps to sign up for CorpPass

Check Your Entity’s Eligibility

Local Entities with Unique Entity Number (UEN)

  • Eligible to sign up for CorpPass

Foreign Entities without a local Unique Entity Number (UEN)

  • Subject to provision by Agency’s digital services

Local Entities without Unique Entity Number (UEN)

  • An entity may obtain a UEN by registering itself with an appropriate UEN issuance agency

Identify Your CorpPass Role

Registered Officer (RO)

  • Person officially registered to the entity with ACRA or a relevant UEN-issuance agency

CorpPass Admin

  • Person chosen by RO to manage CorpPass for the entity


  • Account created by CorpPass Admin to transact with digital services assigned to them

Register And Set Up CorpPass

  • Go to CorpPass at https://www.corppass.gov.sg to register for CorpPass

  • Email contact@mraccountant.sg for free User guides on setting CorpPass account and Role

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