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Understanding CorpPass Role

Understanding CorpPass role

There are 3 roles under CorpPass to manage CorpPass access.

  • Registered Officer

  • Admin

  • User

Registered Officer

Registered Officer is Director or Company Secretary of Company or Owner of Sole Proprietorship or Partner registered with ACRA.

The purpose of Registered Officer is to appoint CorpPass Admin for the entity. The Registered Officer do not need a CorpPass account unless the Registered Officer want to be the CorpPass Admin.

E.g. Mr Accountant is the Director of Mr Accountant Pte. Ltd., therefore Mr Accountant is the Registered Officer of Mr Accountant Pte. Ltd. and able to appoint Mr CorpPass as CorpPass Admin.

CorpPass Admin

CorpPass Admin is appointed by Registered Officer to manage the entity’s CorpPass account. The purpose of CorpPass Admin is to create Users, add e-Service and assign e-Service to Users.

E.g. Mr Tax need to access to IRAS to file Form C-S. Mr CorpPass need to create Mr Tax as User, add IRAS e-Service and assign IRAS e-Service to Mr Tax.


User is account created by CorpPass Admin to transact with e-Service assigned to them.

E.g. Mr Tax had been assigned by Mr CorpPass to transact e-Service with IRAS and able to file Form C-S for Mr Accountant Pte Ltd.

Email contact@mraccountant.sg for free User guides on setting CorpPass account and Role.

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